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This is a collection of pop-science articles — short articles on various topics that do not fit in standard broadcasting channels (e.g., arxiv or eprint) but that might still be interesting for a general audience. You are welcome to read them!

We write about what we like, so mostly about Cryptography and Quantum Information theory, with a sprinkle of Phylosophy and Maths to spice up the mix. Bear in mind opinions expressed in any of the blog posts are the authors' only: We are not anyone's spokespeople.

Writers include current and past members of the CQI group, and the members of the Facoltà Indipendente di Gandria. The blog is managed by Cecilia Boschini and Xavier Coiteux-Roy, reach out to them if you have general inquiries. On the other hand, if you have questions about a particular post, contact the author(s).

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Posts in PDF format:

Cecilia Boschini
The weird world of (joint) signatures
December 2021
Download: [pdf]

Xavier Coiteux-Roy
Towards evolving collective explanations
August 2021.
Download: [pdf]

Charles Alexandre Bédard
Darwin's Simuniverses
A wild guess on the origin of the Church-Turing-Deutsch principle , May 2021.
Download: [pdf]

Cecilia Boschini
The secure messaging app conundrum: Signal vs. Telegram
a comparison for non experts , January 2021.
Download: [pdf]