Information & Physics Seminar - FS17

Time Room Professor

Friday, 15-19 ML E 12 → Stefan Wolf

Subject of this seminar

In this seminar, topics related to quantum information science, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, information theory and cryptography will be available (2 KP → VVZ 252-4800-00L for more information). On February 26, an overview on the different topics is given and papers are assigned to the students.

For questions please contact Paul Erker or Stefan Wolf.
For further information see QI FS 16 webpage:

Possible talk subjects

A: Science as a Human Endeavour

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[1] The human condition H. Arendt 1998 PDF

[2] The genesis and development of a scientific fact L. Fleck 1979 PDF

[3] Nepotism and sexism in peer-review / The academic manifesto: From an occupied to a public university C. Wenneras, A. Wold / W. Halffman, H. Radder 1997 / 2015 PDF / PDF 03.03.: Piero Guicciardi (1st paper), Milan Schilling (2nd paper)

[4] Rationalism, relativism, and the scientific method P. Feyerabend 1981 PDF 03.03.: Manuel Grossmann (Kap.3/4), Alessandro Nicolussi (Kap.3/4), Sarah Plocher (Rede), Nico Schottelius (Rede), Anton Middelhaufe (paper), Stampfli (???)

[4A] Alan Turing PDF 19.05: Panagiotis Bountouris

B: The Physical Nature of Information

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[5] The work value of information
O. Dahlsten, R. Renner, E. Rieper, V. Vedral 2009 PDF 10.03.: Roman Brunner, Valerio Peri

[6] Work recoverable from two-particle information
L. B. Levitin, T. Toffoli 2012 PDF

[7] Simulating physics with computers
R. Feynman 1982 PDF 10.03.: Julian Collazo, Virginia Ramp

[8] The physical nature of information / Irreversibility and heat generation in the Computing Process R. Landauer 1964 / 1961 PDF / PDF 17.03: Ulla Aeschbacher, Corsin Gutkowski

[9] Information, physics, quantum: The search for links J. A. Wheeler 1990 PDF 10.03: Kim Marbach, Elia Schudel

[10] Quantum gloves: Physics and information N. Gisin 2004 PDF 19.05: Selma Steinhoff, Andreas Aeberli

[11] Information is not physical R. Alicki 2014 PDF

[12] Thermodynamics of computation / Conservative logic
C. Bennett / E. Fredkin, T. Toffoli
1980 / 1982
10.03: Johannes Gallmann, Jonas Gude

[13] Reversible computing T. Toffoli 1980 PDF 17.03: Roth, Trachsler

[14] NP-complete problems and physical reality S. Aaronson
PDF 17.03: Timon Blattner, Daniel Fischmann, Fabian Schneider

[15] Three approaches to the quantitative definition of information A. N. Kolmogorov
1965 PDF 17.03: Giacomo Giulliari

C: Information and the Arrow-of-Time Problem

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[16] The end of time / The emergence of time and its arrow from timelessness J. B. Barbour
1999 / 1994 "The end of time" * / PDF 24.03: Ali Balkis (book), Jerome Holbein (paper), Christina Puthenkalam (paper), Ali Uzpak (book)

[17] The direction of time H. Reichenbach
1971 "The direction of time" *

[18] Complexity in the universe C. H. Bennett
1994 PDF 24.03.: Ylli Muhadri, Kugler

[19] Demonic heat engines B. W. Schumacher
1994 PDF 24.03: Luca Ardüser, Marc Fischer

[20] "Time" replaced by quantum correlations W. K. Wootters
1984 PDF

[21] Is time asymmetry logically prior to quantum mechanics? W. K. Wootters
1994 PDF 31.03: Viviane Onus, Philippe Schlattner, Sheila Zingg

[22] Evolution und Entropiewachstum C. F. von Weizsäcker
1972 PDF 31.03: David Blaser, Schüpfer, Tondelli

[22A] Ur-Theorie C. F. von Weizsäcker
"Die Einheit der Natur", The Quandtum Theory of Ur-Objects as a Theory of Information 31.03: Max Schrimpf, Martin Haas, Tobias Bachmann

[23] Dokumente C. F. von Weizsäcker
1986 "Aufbau der Physik" 07.04: Michael Flückiger, Martina Forster

[24] The ghost in the quantum Turing machine S. Aaronson
2013 PDF 31.03: Alain Denzler, Florian Jacky

D: Causality

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[25] On the notion of cause, with application to the free-will problem B. Russell 1935 PDF 07.04: David Eschbach, Adrian Meier

[26] Kausalität in der Physik G. Hermann 1935 PDF 07.04: Majorie Cruz, Luca Zurmühle

[27] Quantum correlations with no causal order O. Oreshkov, F. Costa, C. Brukner 2012 PDF 07.04: Thomas Lang, Fabian Rohr, Valentin Scherer

[28] Causality - complexity - consistency: Can space-time be based on logic and computation? Ä. Baumeler, S. Wolf 2016 PDF 07.04: Hangxi Li, Yuyi Wang

E: Information and Quantum Physics

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[29] Can quantum mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete? A. Einstein, B. Podolsky, N. Rosen 1935 PDF 28.04: Andreas Blöchliger

[30] On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox J. S. Bell 1964 PDF 28.04: Andreas Blöchliger

[31] Cost of exactly simulation quantum entanglement with classical communication / Communication cost of simulating Bell correlations B. Brassard, R. Cleve, A. Tapp / D. Bacon, B. Toner 1999 / 2003 PDF / PDF

[32] Quantum pseudo-telepathy and the Kochen-Specker theorem R. Renner, S. Wolf 2004  PDF / A. Peres: "Quantum Theory" * 26.05: Markos Karasamanis

[33] No quantum advantage for nonlocal computation N. Linden, S. Popescu, A. J. Short, A. Winter 2006 PDF

[34] Information causality as a physical principle / A limit on nonlocality in any world in which communication complexity is not trivial M. Pawlowski, T. Paterek, D. Kaszlikowski, V. Scarani, A. Winter, M. Zukowski / G. Brassard, H. Buhrman, N. Linden, A. Methot, A. Tapp, F. Unger 2009 / 2005 PDF / PDF 07.04: Kamila Souckova

[36] A glance beyond the quantum model / PR-Box correlations have no classical limit / Quantum measurement of spins and magnets, and the classical limit of PR-boxes M. Navascues, H. Wunderlich / D. Rohrlich / N. Gisin 2009 / 2014 / 2014 PDF / PDF / PDF 19.05: Benjamin Estermann, Nicolas Huart, Tarek Jost

F: Quantum Cryptography

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[37] Quantum cryptography: Public key distribution and coin tossing / Quantum cryptography based on Bell's theorem C. H. Bennett, G. Brassard / A. Ekert 1984 / 1991 PDF / PDF 28.04: Mario Gersbach (BB84), 26.05:Marc Ilunga Tshibumbu Mukendi (Ekert)

[38] No signaling and quantum key distribution J. Barrett, L. Hardy, A. Kent 2005 PDF 28.04: Mauro Bamert, Felix Rauchenstein

[43] The black paper of quantum cryptography: Real implementation problems V. Scarani, C. Kurtsiefer 2009 PDF 28.04: Nora Hossle, David Rohr

[39] Unconditionally secure bit commitment A. Kent 1998 PDF 19.05: Filip Meier, Philippe Mösch

[40] Unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment is impossible D. Mayers 1996 PDF 19.05: Peter Krummenacher

[41] Free randomness can be amplified R. Colbeck, R. Renner 2012 PDF 28.04: Dominik Dietler, Sammy Jäger

[42] Random numbers certified by Bell's theorem S. Pironio, A. Acin, S. Massar, A. Boyer de la Giroday, D. N. Matsukevich, P. Maunz, S. Olmschenk, D. Hayes, L. Luo, T. A. Manning, C. Monroe 2009 PDF

G: Foundations and Interpretations of Quantum Physics

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[44] Die Logik nicht gleichzeitig entscheidbarer Aussagen E. Specker 1960 PDF 05.05.: Thai Nguyen, Qishan Woon

[45] Specker's parable of the over-protective seer: A road to contextuality, nonlocality and complementarity Y.-C. Liang, R. W. Spekkens, H. M. Wiseman 2011 PDF 05.05.: Thomas Leu

[46] “Relative state” formulation of quantum mechanics H. Everett 1957 PDF / PDF

[47] A suggested interpretation of the quantum theory in terms of "hidden" variables D. Bohm 1952 PDF / PDF

[48] What does an experimental test of quantum contextually prove or disprove? A. Winter 2014 PDF

[49] Non-locality is transitive / A tripartite quantum state violating the hidden influence constraints S. Coretti, E. Hänggi, S. Wolf / T. J. Barnea, J.-D. Bancal, Y.-C. Liang, N. Gisin 2011 / 2013 PDF / PDF

[50] Quantum nonlocality without entanglement C. Bennett, D. DiVincenzo, C. Fuchs, T. Mor, E. Rains, P. Shor, J. Smolin, W. Wootters 2008 PDF

[51] The two Bell's theorems of John Bell H. M. Wiseman 2014 PDF 05.05: Benjamin Suter-Dörig

[52] Hidden variables and the two theorems of John Bell N. D. Mermin 1993 PDF 05.05.: ...,...

[53] Copenhagen computation: How I learned to stop worrying and love Bohr N. D. Mermin 2003
PDF 05.05.: Christian Holzreuter, Romina Som

[54] Nonlocality for two particles without inequalities for almost all entangled states L. Hardy 1993

[55] A unified view on Hardy's paradox and the CHSH inequality L. Mancinska, S. Wehner 2014

[56] On nonlocality as a resource theory and nonlocality measures J. de Vicente 2014

[57] La nouvelle cuisine J. S. Bell 1990 PDF 05.05: Markus Hauptner, Matthias Niederberger

[58] Bertlmann's socks and the nature of reality J. S. Bell 1981 PDF 12.05.: Julian Croci, Elias Stalder

[59] Six possible worlds of quantum mechanics J. S. Bell 1986 PDF 12.05.: Alexander Breuss, Sebastian Foucher, Shiyu Huang

[60] Against 'measurement' J. S. Bell 1989 PDF

[61] Free-will theorem J. Conway, S. Kochen 2006 PDF 12.05.: Christiane Goltz, Roman Haag

[62] On the reality of the quantum state M. F. Pusey, J. Barrett, T. Rudolph 2012 PDF

[63] In defense of the epistemic view of quantum states: A toy theory R. Spekkens 2004 PDF 19.05: Andreas Woitzik

[64] Is a system's wave function in one-to-one correspondence with its elements of reality? R. Colbeck, R. Renner 2012 PDF

[65] What Bell did T. Maudlin
2014 PDF

[66] Three measurement problems T. Maudlin
1995 PDF

[67] Loopholes in Bell inequality tests of local realism J.-A. Larsson
2014 PDF

[68] One world versus many: The inadequacy of Everettian accounts of evolution, probability, and scientific confirmation A. Kent 2009 PDF

[69] The interpretation of quantum mechanics: Many worlds or many words? M. Tegmark 1997 PDF 12.05.: Samuel Müller

[70] The fabric of reality D. Deutsch 1997 "The fabric of reality" *

[71] Can free will emerge from determinism in quantum theory? G. Brassard, P. Raymond-Robichaud 2012 PDF 12.05: Barak Nehoran

[72] The cellular automaton interpretation of quantum mechanics G. 't Hooft 2014 PDF

[73] Die Naturphilosophischen Grundlagen der Quantenmechanik G. Hermann 1935 Abhandlungen der Fries'schen Schule, Band 6 (1935), s. 69-152. Excerpts: PDF / PDF 05.05: Mischa Brander

[74] Indeterminism in quantum physics and classical physics K. Popper 1950 PDF 26.05: Valentin Kunze

[75] Is quantum theory universally valid? A. Peres, W.H.Zurek 1983 PDF

[76] The impossibility of accurate self-measurements T. Breuer 1995 PDF

[77] Minipaper: Probability in wave mechanics H. Everett 1995 PDF

[78] Quantum mechanics and reality B. DeWitt 1970 PDF 28.04: Rami Khalil, Nodar Ambroladze

[79] QBism, the perimeter of quantum Bayesianism C. Fuchs 2010 PDF

[80] Towards a proper quantum theory J. Levy-Leblond 1976 PDF

H: Biology and Quantum Physics

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[81] Quantum physics meets biology M. Arndt, T. Juffmann, V. Vedral 2009 PDF 26.05: Jonas Fernbach, Stefan Milosavljevic, Jeremy Kunz

[82] What is life? E. Schrödinger 1944 05.05: Simone Guggiari, Pietro Oldrati

*) hardcopy available in the seminar on February 26.