Information & Physics Seminar - FS13

Time Room Professor

Friday, 15-17 CAB G 52 → Stefan Wolf

Subject of this seminar

In this seminar, topics related to quantum information science, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, information theory and cryptography will be available (2 KP → VVZ 252-4800-00L) for more information. On February 22, an overview on the different topics is given and papers are assigned to the students.

For questions please contact Stefan Wolf.
For further information see QI FS 13 webpage:

Possible talk subjects

A: Information, Computation, and Physics

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[0] On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox J. S. Bell 1964 PDF 1.3 Knell Thomas

[1] Three approaches to the quantitative definition of information A. N. Kolmogorov
1965 PDF 1.3 Jativa Sofia

[2] The work value of information O. Dahlsten, R. Renner, E. Rieper, V. Vedral 2009 PDF 1.3 Agarwal Swarit

[3] Simulating Physics with computers
R. Feynman 1982 PDF 8.3 Bryner Samuel

[4] The physical nature of information / Irreversibility and heat generation in the Computing Process R. Landauer 1964 / 1961 - PDF
8.3 Tschurr Niculin

[5] Thermodynamics of computation C. Bennett 1980 PDF 8.3 Neureiter Nico

[6] Conservative logic E. Fredkin, T. Toffoli 1982 PDF 15.3 Jost Daniel

[7] Reversible computing T. Toffoli 1980 PDF

[8] NP-complete problems and physical reality S. Aaronson
PDF 15.3 Samuel Hitz

[9] Was ist Leben? E. Schrödinger 1943 "Was ist Leben?" * 22.3 Schewetofski Fabian

[10] Evolution und Entropiewachstum C. F. von Weizäcker
1972 PDF 15.3 Gössi Cyrill

B: Information and Quantum Physics

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[11] The cost of simulation quantum entanglement with classical communication B. Brassard, R. Cleve, A. Tapp / D. Bacon, B. Toner 1999 - PDF (paragraph 4: The case of n Bell states)
22.3 Affentranger Sandro

[12] Quantum pseudo-telepathy and the Kochen-Specker theorem R. Renner, S. Wolf 2004  - PDF
- A. Peres: "Quantum Theory" *
22.3 Imhof Niklaus

[13] No quantum advantage for nonlocal computation N. Linden, S. Popescu, A. J. Short, A. Winter 2006 PDF 12.4 Meier Fabian

[14] A new physical principle: information causality M. Pawlowski, T. Paterek, D. Kaszlikowski, V. Scarani, A. Winter, M. Zukowski 2009 PDF 17.5 Gehr Timon

[15] Quantum theory from five reasonable axioms L. Hardy 2001 PDF

[16] In defense of the epistemic view of quantum states: a toy theory R. Spekkens 2004 PDF 12.4 Dohrau Jérôme

[17] A glance beyond the quantum model M. Navascues, H. Wunderlich 2009 PDF

[18] Quantum theory and beyond: is entanglement special? B. Dakic, C. Brukner 2009 PDF

[19] The black paper of quantum cryptography: real implementation problems V. Scarani, C. Kurtsiefer 2009 PDF 19.4 Heyder Nina

[20] Quantum gloves: Physics and information N. Gisin 2004 PDF 19.4 Züger Christoph

[21] Free randomness can be amplified R. Colbeck, R. Renner 2012 PDF

[22] Full randomness from arbitrarily deterministic events R. Gallego, L. Masanes, G. De La Torre, C. Dhara, L. Aolita, A. Acin 2012 PDF

[23] Distilling nonlocality M. Forster, S. Winkler, S. Wolf 2009 PDF 17.5 Balzan Serge

C: Quantum Cryptography

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[24] No signaling and quantum key distribution J. Barrett, L. Hardy, A. Kent 2005 PDF 26.4 Bruchez Lionel

[25] Efficient device-independent quantum key distribution E. Hänggi, R. Renner, S. Wolf 2010 PDF

[26] Unconditionally secure bit commitment A. Kent 1998 PDF 26.4 Ciganovic Matija

[27] Unconditionally secure quantum bit commitment is impossible D. Mayers 1996 PDF 24.5 Jonas Trappenberg

D: Foundations and Interpretations of Quantum Physics

Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[28] Die Logik nicht gleichzeitig entscheidbarer Aussagen E. Specker 1960 PDF 3.5 Wischmann Severin

[29] Specker's parable of the over-protective seer: A road to contextuality, nonlocality and complementarity Y. C. Liang, R. W. Spekkens, H. M. Wiseman 2011 PDF

[30] Hidden variables and the two theorems of John Bell N. D. Mermin 1993 PDF

[31] La nouvelle cuisine J. S. Bell 1990 PDF 17.5 Dana Aronovici

[32] Free-will theorem John Conway, Simon Kochen 2006 PDF 26.4 Chuat Laurent

[33] On the reality of the quantum state M. F. Pusey, J. Barrett, T. Rudolph 2012 PDF

[34] Is a system's wave function in one-to-one correspondence with its elements of reality? R. Colbeck, R. Renner 2012 PDF 10.5 Judith Höller

[35] Three measurement Problems T. Maudlin
1995 PDF 10.5 Helminger Leonhard

[36] Decoherence and the transition from quantum to classical - revisited W. H. Zurek 2003 PDF

[37] The structure of the multiverse D. Deutsch 2001 PDF

[38] One world versus many A. Kent 2009 PDF

[39] The Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: Many Worlds or Many Words? M. Tegmark 1997 PDF 3.5 Van Damme Steven

[40] The fabric of reality D. Deutsch 1997 "The fabric of relativity" * 24.5 Matthias Pabst

*) hardcopy available in the seminar on February 22.