Information & Physics Seminar - FS16

Time Room Professor

Wednesday, 13.30-15.15 SI-015 → Stefan Wolf

Subject of this seminar

In this seminar, topics related to quantum information science, the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, information theory and cryptography will be available (3 ECTS →  Course Cataloge for more information). On February 24, an overview on the different topics is given and papers are assigned to the students.

For questions please contact Ämin Baumeler, Paul Erker or Stefan Wolf.
For further information see Quantum Computing webpage:


Name Author(s) Year Link Speaker

[0] Can quantum mechanical description of physical reality be considered complete? / On the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox A. Einstein, B. Podolsky, and N. Rosen / J. S. Bell 1935 / 1964 PDF / PDF 6.4 Dimosthenis Pasadakis

[1] In defense of the epistemic view of quantum states: A toy theory / Is a system's wave function in one-to-one correspondence with its elements of reality?
R. Spekkens / R. Colbeck, and R. Renner 2005 / 2012 PDF / PDF 6.4 Veronika Baumann

[2] Constructor theory of information / The logic of experimental tests, particularly of Everettian quantum theory D. Deutsch 2014 / 2015 PDF / PDF 13.4 Boyan Beronov

[3] Can free will emerge from determinism in quantum theory? G. Brassard, P. Raymond-Robichaud 2012 PDF 13.4 Georgios Zacharopoulos

[4] The physical nature of information / Irreversibility and heat generation in the Computing Process R. Landauer 1964 / 1961 PDF / PDF 20.4 Lorenzo Ferretti

[5] NP-complete problems and physical reality
S. Aaronson
20.4 Toby Simpson

[6] Quantum communication and complexity / Linear vs. semidefinite extended formulations: Exponential separation and strong lower bounds R. de Wolf / S. Fiorini, S. Massar, S. Pokutta, H. R. Tiwary, R. de Wolf 2002 / 2012 PDF / PDF 27.4 Samuli Leppänen

[7] The history of the no-cloning theorem Based on the book How the hippies saved physics by D. Kaiser 2011 WWW 27.4 Paul Erker

[8] Autopoiesis and cognition S. Beer 1972 PDF 4.5 Titus von Köller